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 IMISCO's distinct features are inherent in our brand and depicted in our logo. 


IMISCO provides a proven process for to ensure that your company/initiative is moving in the right direction. 

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1. The first step is assessment.

This includes understanding the past, present and future desired state. This discovery phase provides the foundation for the project.


All eyes are focused to propose the best path forward to create the vision by observation and analysis. Surveys, data, secondary market evaluations, industry norms are all part of this initial effort.

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3 After the initial assessment and human capital evaluation, the third step begins by determining innovative approach to processes. This step allows the use of more efficient technology and tools.  

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2. After the initial assessment, we focus on the development of people to aid in our strategic goals. The leadership skills presented, the skills required, morale and staff adoption rate are all determined for strategic implementation needs.

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4. The final stage ensures that all departments, people processes are rooted in collaboration. By collaborating and cohesively working together the organization is elevated for the greater goals.

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