solving ISsues through these initiatives

Strategic Marketing Communications

Ensure all sales, marketing and awareness assets are comprehensive, integrative and consistent that lead to global, national, local/ regional business and industry trade outreach appropriately through paid, earned, social and owned channels. 

Business Development Plan 

Research, analyze, target appropriate demographic audiences while assessing, creating or determining most appropriate marketnig tactics to ensure the sales cycle is as efficient as possible.

Principle Narrative and Story Telling 

Create your individual story that drives the brand forward, illustrating  what you stand for and why that matters  internally and externally

Branding and Logo Development

Your visual assets should be uniquely you. IMISCO ensure that your logo, brand and collateral depict this uniqueness and difference in the market.

Diversity, Equality,Inclusion & Etiquette Awareness and Training

Foster a workplace that thrives on celebrating differences and elevates all indivisuals to be their best through respect by enforcing and understanding of etiquette and customs

Collaborating Strategies

Expand circle of influence by collaborating and establishing relationships with influencers: analysts, policymakers, academics, think tanks, NGOs across setors and geographies.


Work with Leadership to find their authentic selves and raise their voice and visibility in the U.S. and globally through such things as speaking engagements, bylines, studies and papers

Social and Digital Strategy

Establish such a strong  online presence that drives traffic your website which lead  to conversions and utilize each channel with such things as video , blogs, testimonials, stories and more

Creating a Giving Corporate Culture

Initiate commitment to giving back by aligning with organizations or creating a foundation to support corporate and employee desires.

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